Project Details
  • ClientCroatian Tourisim Board
  • LocationCroatia
  • GenreDestination

This video shows the underwater treasures of a SCUBA adventure in Croatia from Pula to Dubrovnik. Exploring the beautiful waters, varied forms of sea life, the Bisevo Cave, and the sunken vessel Baron Gautsch (which sank after a failed attempt to navigate a mine field in 1914), the video offers viewers the unforgettable experience of SCUBA diving in Croatia and occasionally surfaces for an informative on-land look at the nation’s countryside and people.

One special highlight of the video was a dive at the Cavtat Underwater Cultural Heritage Park, on the sunken City of Epidaurum, where we filmed the largest amphorae site in the Adriatic, with over1800 2nd century AD amphorae, many still intact.


Shot with minimal crew and time


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